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Quick links to resources and services for cancer survivors,  their families and friends:

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Breast Cancer

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Cord Blood

Head & Neck Cancer

Leukemia & Myeloma

Lymphedema Fund

  • Mid-Valley (and Coastal) Lymphedema ResourcesPDF
    See also: Lymphedema specialist in Newport, OR – Stacy Wahl, OT Lymphedema,
    Newport Pacific Community Hospital – Outpatient Therapy – 541-574-1823
  • Lymphedema Fund – This  fund is a resource for the breast cancer survivor who needs financial assistance with compression garments.  To apply for assistance the survivor needs to get a referral from their doctor or health care provider and be seen by a local Lymphedema therapist PT/OT at Good Samaritan Rehab in Corvallis (Doctor/NP/Health care provider referral is needed).  The therapist will fill out treatment application and recommend specifics for what compression is medically needed.
  • Lymphoedema Explained (3-min video)
  • Side Effects and Symptoms – from MacMillan Cancer Support
  • Kathy Bates’ Secret Health Struggle – On living with Lymphedema

Ovarian Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Testicular Cancer