giveus5small Give Us 5 is dedicated to helping Mid-Willamette Valley cancer survivors with their journey forward. We positively impact the lives of cancer patients, survivors and their families by providing opportunities for networking, education and connection to needed resources. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither does this fund.

Upcoming Events!

Samaritan Cancer Resource Center Newsletter:
January 2020 newsletter
Special Support for Caregivers: Jan 7 – Feb 25, 2020

If you have a cancer survivorship event, please let us know.


THANK YOU! For a successful 5k Walk/Run!

Flickr has more photos of our 2016 5k walk/run. Check them out!

Life after a cancer diagnosis can be meaningful, fulfilling, and even inspiring. There is life after cancer. And it’s something to celebrate!

You can  DONATE ONLINE to the giveus5 fund, which helps support all cancer survivors in the mid-Willamette Valley.

It’s about survivorship and remembering. It’s about the journey forward.

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